#TBT Highlights


1996: Early photoshoot with Little sister Anna — AKA: Posh, Baby, Sporty, Ginger, Scary Spice — Anna was five, Julia was eight.

2005-2014: Julia Worked for photographers Albert Watson, Danny Clinch, Bill Bernstein, and Mark Seliger.

Above: BBC documentary "what do artists do all day?" - assisting albert Watson. isle of skye 2013.

2009: Julia Met Summer P. Minerva. Life-Long Friend and working collaborator on the Sacred Gender Project — Supporting representation and authentic expression of self as is. the Femminielli Series was shared at the Mykonos Biennale 2017.

Above: Almost a decade later, Julia and Summer at the Brooklyn Museum 2018.

benin julia.jpg

2011: First overseas initiative, Natitingouville, Benin. Julia worked as the creative producer and diarist for Watson’s series for the Cotton Made In Africa Initiative 2011.

2015: Julia started working independently under the moniker Studio J/P Robbins — the company is Triskelion focusing on Portraiture, Print-making, and Projects (awareness-raising initiatives).

While julia worked for Watson, they spent 2013-2015 developing original printing techniques using old-school darkroom methods and new digital technologies. Julia continues this work and is committed to developing new print-making processes that are kind to the environment.

Above: With Jack Johnson’s prints for Danny Clinch’s Asbury Park music Festival “Sea Hear Now” 2018 via www.jprobbinscreative.com

2016: First Shoot for ArtNews Magazine. Julian Schnabel photographed in his studio Palazzo Chupi.

2017: Studio J/P Robbins in action - the shoot’s concept was inspired by tory Burch Foundation’s “Embrace Ambition” initiative.

That year, Queen Makkada honored Studio J/P Robbins with the “Title 1 Award of Distinction - Gift of Esteem” 2017 from DPAC27 for the series Women in their Strength.


2017: First screening of video portraits! Shown at Bam: Brooklyn Academy of music. This installment of the love portraits was made in collaboration with Dr. POE (POE//M) and the Kristin Sudeikis Dance company. 2017+2018: Series shared at the Brooklyn Museum during Target First Saturdays Program.

2017: First time shooting in a soundstage studio - Cinemaworld Studios stage A - working alongside Cinematographer Cameron Sizemore.


2019: First Invitation to Speak on behalf of Studio J/P Robbins initiative We are water. “One Planet One Future” Panel discussion with Biologist and Statistician RoChelle March and Filmmaker Artist Monika Harr.

We are water is an ongoing photographic awareness-raising initiative, most recently shared at Miami art Basel’s “Art and Activism Exhibition: a divine feminine Perspective” 2018. www.wearewater.one