“Until sitting in front of Julia's camera, I had never considered the distinction between a female photographer and being photographed through a feminine gaze. The shift was quite profound. Even though we had just met, I immediately felt I was sitting with a friend. Julia sat across from me with her camera on equal level, and we instantly began to laugh. Her smile and warmth softened me as we sat heart to heart, together creating a safe space for the deeper more hidden aspects of my beauty to come out and be seen. 

There was a second wave of awareness as we got deeper into the session, as we began to play with angles and lights and looks. it was the first moment I sensed the space I was given around my sexual energy. I had total control about how much I wanted to lift up into my consciousness and offer. I had the choice about what type of face I presented - always feeling seen as beautiful through the eyes of Julia's heart. It was the experience of being honored and trusted as a woman in my power, by a woman in her power, to make that choice and let what needed to come up just emerge naturally.

But most of all, it was SO FUN. In a world of endless images and representations of beauty, it felt like a divine gift that Julia was able to help me share with myself — to inhabit and sit and appreciate embodied beauty together. To let myself be seen with no agenda other than beauty, loving the truth of beauty, the feeling of being beautiful in the deepest and most meaningful of ways.”

— Elana Langer

“Studio J/P Robbins! Freeing the Human Spirit.”

— Summer P. Minerva, The Sacred Gender Project

“These are my favorite photos of me ever!! So happy.”

— Vince Lebon, Rollie Nation

“don’t think I’ve met someone who moved me in such a short amount of time as you. Such a pleasure working with you!”

— Lia Bass

"The way I describe you to people . . . you are just this wild, mystical, powerful, wise wise wise shaman who, when we sit in front of you to be photographed, you awaken all that is within us. That’s how I describe you."

— sah d'simone